4 Marks of A Christian Nation You Need To Know


3 thoughts on “4 Marks of A Christian Nation You Need To Know

  1. Hi Thomas, People these days want to assess America by our government but America’s greatness has historically been in the goodness of her people and that goodness comes from American’s belief in God. Believer’s don’t often make the newsfeeds in a positive way and in tandem with the government, they create the reality they want us to believe. America isn’t what she used to be and the media has succeeded in creating cynicism and acceptance of sinful behavior but there are still many Americans who in their hearts believe “No Kind but King Jesus” and they are the people who form the Christian nation suppressed beneath our modern-day form of government. This is the true spirit of America and even though it is not God’s Kingdom on earth, as the Puritans hoped it would be, it is those simple people of faith who keep America functioning every day. So…there remains a nation within this nation that still names Jesus as King.


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